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I’m up for skull valley!! Get me off this treadmill and under the big sky!!

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I am up for it.  Rob and I are running 10-12 miles tomorrow (Sat.) starting at 
the cafe and running up then back down the 10k course.  I personally think it 
is a pretty course.  I can also name 2 of our club members that hated it right 
out of the box and thought it was boring.  I still shake my head over those 

We had a pact to keep this course a secret from you Tom. 

Additionally, everyone seems to like the lookout to Skull Valley run but that 
won't happen again till April/May with snow/ice at the high altitudes for most 
of the winter.  I have still have pics of Dan-M, Steve-O and me in a springtime 
club run soft-peddling our way down the eastern side on some serious snow and 

We should be able to talk Rob into a Sunday run too and maybe some others will 
want to do the 10k Skull Valley course?  Ken

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  Hello all - Drove the Skull Valley 10K course (at least I'm pretty 
  sure I did... matched the directions and distance expected...).  It 
  is dry with some damp but stable areas (no mud, Rob!), and 
  beautiful... (How come nobody told me this route was so stunning?... 
  maybe it was just the sunny afternoon away from work?)

  I drove the upper part of Copper Basin road, and checked it out from 
  Thumb Butte Rd. down towards town.  The road is pretty muddy/slushy 
  in places, with some uphill corners having significant ice all the 
  way across the road for 30-40 yds at a stretch.  (To get there from 
  Skull Valley, I drove back over the western half of Copper Basin 
  road... was a great drive with bright sunshine, deep snow and a lot 
  of mud... made the Cruiser do some work)

  From Copper Basin Rd, I also went over Hassayampa and down Thumb 
  Butte Rd towards downtown.  Hassayampa is nice and clear, except 
  about 1/4 mile from just below the steep hill to just above it, where 
  the sidewalk is covered out into the road for the whole of the climb.. 
  Thumb Butte is also pretty snowy on the shoulders, for the stretch 
  from just above the old Frys up to Hassayampa.  Probably needs 
  another week of snow melt to be really safe to get through there with 
  a group.

  So, I'd like to do the Skull Valley course if anyone else is up for 
  it.  I can take 4 plus me in the Cruiser... (and I'll take my bike to 
  use to get back to the truck, if there aren't two vehicles going). 
  Maybe meet somewhere in the Willow Creek Rd./Iron Springs Rd.. area 
  (the Y, maybe) at about 9am, to carpool out there?  Let me know, if 
  anyone else is up for it...


  At 11:22 AM -0700 1/14/11, Dan Munsell wrote:
  >Take Iron Springs to Tonto Road, (left turn only) there are signs, 
  >if yo get to the cemetery you have missed it.  On Tonto for about 
  >1/2 miles, the official start is ~1/4 past railroad bridge, left 
  >turn just after the bridge, follow this taking left turns at the 
  >rest of the dirt roads, until you meet up with Iron Springs again. 
  >Using Google maps just look for intersection of Tonto and Iron 
  >On 1/14/2011 9:44 AM, Tom Hahn wrote:
  >>Dave - I have some time today... I don't know the course, as I 
  >>noted, but if you let me know the approximate start and end points, 
  >>I'll run out there and see.
  >>And the Cruiser isn't exactly high-capacity at seating for 5 (4 + 
  >>driver), but it's available...
  >>>Tom, not sure of the condition of the road in skull valley. Can't 
  >>>imagine it worse than the vine on Wed. Logistics is the main focus 
  >>>here as it is a point to point race. We just have to have a few 
  >>>high capacity vehicles to shuttle people back to the start. Has 
  >>>anybody ventured that way?
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