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Jon & MM'ers,

No worries if some of you want to change locations tomorrow. Cindy & I will still be at our original location due to our volunteer duties / proximity later that morning.

I am with Deborah B. - please count me OUT for Sunday if indeed the weather is going to be that bad! I was born in Montana, raised in ND, and babied in AZ so I don't run in the snow. I only dream of being as tough (or fast) as Heidi ;)

Safe training everyone,

Jessica L.

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Us Colorado boys are really tough!!  A little bit of snow won't stop me from staying in my heated waterbed on Sunday morning!! I don't want to mess with Jessica's and Cindy's run, but what about moving the run to tomorrow morning??

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For all of you that have made fun of some of my crazy runs - I am just chomping to hear that anyone from our group does the scheduled Sunday AM run.  This is the forecast for Prescott.  I am sure it will be worse up on the mountain.   OH BOY OH BOY!! Ken
Sunday                 Temp                     Feels Like       Chance precip       Humidity         Winds
9 am

Heavy Snow / Wind




From SW
23 mph

10 am

Heavy Snow / Wind




From SW
25 mph

11 am

Heavy Snow / Wind




From SW
27 mph


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