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i wont be up this weekend...sorry. I am doing the Coldwater 50k tomorrow and 
then doing the Holy Hell 6.66 miler in phoenix followed by a run on Mt. Ord on 
Sunday (need to see how my Hokas hold up traction wise in the snow).

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I am in for Sunday and can give Jessica L. (and anyone else that may want to 
carpool) a ride to SV. I am interested in running aournd 12-14 miles.

~ Cindy

On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 8:30 AM, Jessica Leary 
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   I would probably be able to have Sonny shuttle me (and post-run return 
vehicle) to Skull Valley Saturday.  So I could shuttle 5 or so people back 
after the run Sunday.  I would probably start my run somewhere closer like 10 
or 11 miles out?  Isn't that an option if you go to the "Y" in the road up 
there on Thumb Butte on the WRM Course?  Maybe Cindy could pick me up on her 
way in to town...that is my thought.

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   I will be happy to pick up some bodies.  We are going to PHX for a 15 miler 
Saturday on the Lost Dutchman's course.  Weather.com only show a 20% chance for 
precip here Sunday but the radio is saying iffy?

   Just let me know the logistics.  Ken

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      Hi MM's:
      Sorry I've flaked about the run on Sunday!  Bummed about CK but trying to 
figure out the best/logistically easiest run to do.  I only know of my husband 
and Kai for rides, which only leaves room for me + 2!  So my thought was, how 
about a run to Skull Valley and maybe someone could leave their car at SV on 
Saturday so it would be there on Sunday when you get there.  I could probably 
come pick up someone on Saturday from SV, if they wanted to leave their car.  
We could even drop some water along the way.  Most people sound like they want 
to do 12 - 15.  I think it's about 16 miles from the 4 way on Copper Basin.  I 
want to go a little further but I can just add on along the way.
      I'm up for whatever and I'm just trying to make this easy for everyone!!
      Send me your thoughts!!


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