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Apparently you HAVE forgotten.  If the truth be told, I would suggest you'd "repressed" the memory, but that's just because I'm working at an office complex with any number of certified medical counselors in residence. 

Would you care for a referral?


John P

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Ok, that subject should have grabbed you.  Steve has been talking about going to Athens, Greece for a marathon and has just entered the Lost Dutchman's race in Apache Junction. 
Now the only thing Athens and Apache Junction have in common is that they start with an "A".  All similarities end there.  In fact throughout my life, I have entertained that any city ending in "ville" or "junction" is flat out "Hicksville" (sorry for the pun) and should be avoided. 
So I was thinking about the Lost Dutchman's race and it brought up some memories that I wish to share with you - not that I am trying to sway you into entering (YIKES) or trying to get you to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction (SWEET).
As I recall and my memory is still decent when it comes to races, I was there 2006, 07, 08 and did the half there in 2006 and the full the next 2 years.  I ran the half a week after the Sedona half where they screwed up my time and would not fix it - so I had something to prove.  The only thing I really remember is that the wind was supposed to be coming out of the west so we would run with the wind for a half, then against it for the 2nd half - I wanted the reverse.  Took off and the wind was against us and the flags proved it - I remember thinking to myself that the weather forecasters were chuckleheads to say the least on blowing another forecast --- after turning around -as god is my witness, the wind switched completely and was in my face and the flags proved it.  I ran 13.1 into the wind.  Thanks Apache Junction...
In my next year trying to smoke a marathon, I was feeling awesome and was running quick at about 11, a young man offered me an apple goo on an uphill stretch.  Sounded great even though I was not a goo guy.  By 14, my stomach was starting to gurgle and the GI's were mounting an attack...by 17 I was stopping at every porta pottie.  Twice I didn't make it in time and that was not a pretty picture but I was lucky that I was wearing an extra long sleeve T-shirt that I could wrap around my waste.  May have been the worst I have felt in my life.  Kathy Dahl was at the finish line and she said I could not have looked sicker.  Thanks Apache Junction...
BUT I CAME BACK because runner's have short memories...the next year, Steve-O went too.  I messed around and almost made us late for the race.  I think we were on the last bus and the race started 4 minutes after we got off the boss.  Nice warm up Ken.  I copped an attitude.  They got a really good picture of me running at about mile 6 - I am guessing - one of my favorite pictures and I have it framed...got hot that day. I swore at a truck flying by me on hwy 60 (there are 2 one mile stretches where you run the shoulder of hwy 60).  I was pretty fast that day too until a guy handled me a piano at mile 20 asked me to carry it to the finish line for him...jackass.  But hey at least I ran under 4 hours.  And I was getting out of the "A" town...YES!!!!
Maybe I should go back...I have forgotten the REALLY bad stuff!  Ken

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