[mountainmilers] Re: Running schedule for today and tomorrow

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Steve O!!!! Senior???? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am going to pass on running at Peavine today unless this ARTIC wind
stops.  I am senior enough to take it easy!!!   Steve O


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Rob and I won't be at the ERAU track today.  
Please use prudence in deciding whether to do the club run tomorrow. The
forecast at 3 and 4PM tomorrow is 27 degrees with a 20 mile per hour
wind from the North.   I used to run in that weather in Minnesota but
now that I am 60, I get special senior treatment and it is no longer
I may still go fro a run but would rather run around here with some tree
shelter.  If anyone plans to go tomorrow - please email individually at
golfdood51@xxxxxxx and I will act as the point person.  
Ken out. 

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