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Well if you start at the top, the restaurant is 11 miles out...
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My wife is going to pick me up at the 11 mile mark.   Is the turnaround at 
exactly 11 miles or ???
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I should be there tomorrow morning for the 15 miler... If I don't fall  
apart from today's 14 miler.


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Karyn and gang,
Steve-O, Jessica L, and Janie are  joining me as Muddy Buddies that day so 
we will not be able to join you.  However, I will happily help anyone taking 
the reins on this  run.

It looks like there are about 8 of us having breakfast in  Skull Valley 
tomorrow morning.  I'll get in touch with you off list.  We have room for more, 
just let me  know.


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