[mountainmilers] Re: Next Sat. WRM training route & Brooke's Farewell Breakfast

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Sorry I will miss the run and the farewell breakfast...I have a run in Phoenix 
that day and a family gathering afterwards. 
Best of luck to you Brooke...Wishing you safe passage and adventures on the 
way....And hope New Hampshire is good to you and your family...Come see us.   

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Count me in!!
On Mar 4, 2012 3:02 PM,  <jsundogg@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Mountain Milers,
>Next Saturday we will meet @ 9am at the Fitness Ctr. in the Hassayampa 
>neighborhood (basically park in the lot off to the right approx. at the top of 
>"heart break hill") and run up about 6 miles (or more) to the the WRM Half 
>Marathon turn around...and either continue or turn back.
>Then, after the run we will hit the Lone Spur downtown for a Farewell 
>Breakfast for Brooke...who will be quickly departing to New Hampshire.
>We just wanted to get your calendars cleared so you don't miss the run or the 
>chance to say goodbye to Brooke.
>See you next week,
>Jessica L.
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