[mountainmilers] Re: Next Sat. WRM training route & Brooke's Farewell Breakfast

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See you all there!

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How wonderful!  Thank you one and all.  I look forward to running with you all 
on Saturday. And of course the breakfast afterwards!

I sure will miss the camaraderie!!


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On Mar 4, 2012, at 4:29 PM, Brenda Laurance 
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   Sorry I will miss the run and the farewell breakfast...I have a run in 
Phoenix that day and a family gathering afterwards.

   Best of luck to you Brooke...Wishing you safe passage and adventures on the 
way....And hope New Hampshire is good to you and your family...Come see us.   

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Farewell Breakfast

   Count me in!!
   On Mar 4, 2012 3:02 PM, <jsundogg@xxxxxxx<mailto:jsundogg@xxxxxxx>> wrote:

      Mountain Milers,

      Next Saturday we will meet @ 9am at the Fitness Ctr. in the Hassayampa 
neighborhood (basically park in the lot off to the right approx. at the top of 
"heart break hill") and run up about 6 miles (or more) to the the WRM Half 
Marathon turn around...and either continue or turn back.

      Then, after the run we will hit the Lone Spur downtown for a Farewell 
Breakfast for Brooke...who will be quickly departing to New Hampshire.

      We just wanted to get your calendars cleared so you don't miss the run or 
the chance to say goodbye to Brooke.

      See you next week,

      Jessica L.

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