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Hi Ken,


Steve M., Cabot and I showed up @ 8am at Sherriff's Posse & Copper Basin for
the 14.5 miler. We waited till 8:30 but it ended up being just us. We did
great and the weather was perfect!!!



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Karyn, how did the run go???  Ken


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We have 12 folks "RSVP'd" for Saturday's run!  3 will be taking care of
their own "shuttle" back to the start line and we have the rest taken care
of (thanks Brenda for offering up your vehicle!)


Kameron will be our aid station person since he's running 20 miles tomorrow!
Water, cokes and gatoraide will be available for drinks...To honor Ken,
we'll have Twinkie's too! Smile emoticon  


We are planning on doing breakfast/lunch following the run, Lone Spur at the
square.  We'll take anyone back to their vehicles that might not be able to
join us for breakfast/lunch.


Look forward to seeing everyone at the 14.5 starting point as close to 8am
as possible!





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We've had about 5 people respond back and each of them have asked if we can
change the run to Saturday, so....NEW RUN DATE -  Saturday, November 13th -
8:00am. Same place and distances! 


If you've already told me you wanted to do Saturday, I have your name on the
list.  Hope to see lots of folks!


Take Care -



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Sara will be in town this coming weekend!!!  When we were in Long Beach, we
talked about doing a long run when she came to visit....so, we are going to
do the same Skull Valley run as we did yesterday which was either 14.5 or 11
miles....downhill...right Ken????  Winking smile emoticon  If you are
interested, please email me directly at karynhott@xxxxxxx and let me know if
you're in for the 14.5 or 11 miles and whether or not you can help with
shuttling folks.  


The 8am start time was nice, if we want to push it forward even a bit more
and start at 8:30am, majority wins, and I can let everyone know by Thursday
if we are changing it or not.   

The start of the 14.5 is on Cooper Basin Road and Sheriff Posses Road.  We
can all meet there @ 8:00am (unless that changes), the 11 mile runners can
go with Kam up the road another 3.5 miles to start our run which is where
Cooper Basin and Thumb Butte road come together...


Depending on how many folks join us, we'll need to make sure we have enough
"shuttles" on the Skull Valley side.  I can take either 4 or 5 folks but
will need to have someone meet us at the Skull Valley side at 7:30am to take
us back to the Prescott side of the run.  Kam has graciously agreed (because
he'll be running 20 miles this Thursday) to do the aide station at 7/10.5
mark, we could use at least one more person.  Having Julie at the fork in
the road was great! (Thanks Julie!!!!)


Following the run, I'm sure some of us will want to grad a bite to eat
afterwards, that can be figured out then...


There will be several of the Mountain Milers doing Muddy Buddy down in the
valley next weekend and who will just be returning to the country (Ken/Deb)
who really want to see Sara too...so....we'll be getting together for dinner
on Sunday evening.  More details will be coming later this week once we
figure out where were going and a time...suggestions????


Hope everyone has an awesome week!  See ya on the Peavine at 5:30p for the
dusk/night run..... Smile emoticon



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