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Thank you, Ken and all.  Jim and my chip times were 1:18:32 and 40:18.  We are 
happy with PR.  Congradulations Ken and Tom for PR and Brenda and Deb for great 
times, I would like to join you next year.  I was shocked at the number of 
runners in each event.  Good running

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Under perfect weather conditions in the Valley, several MM'ers dropped down to 
the lower elevation to run the Women's Running Magazine Half Marathon in Tempe 
and the TV3 Pheonix 10K (USATF State Championships) Sunday Nov 6th.  PR's were 
the order of the day!
Brenda Laurance ran another PR half - a terrific 2:14.14!  Brenda was all 
smiles at lunch after!
Lisa Pozzini our Chi instructor ran 2:15.02 (I am sure that is a PR), and had 
the largest team signed up that included 47 women (Brenda and Deborah were part 
of the team!)
Deborah Baker ran a 2:21.05 PR!!!  
Deborah and Brenda have worked so hard to get faster.  They are both an 
inspiration to me.  They make the speedwork sessions, they make the Peavine 
runs, weekend runs, I have even seen them training in my neighborhood (driving 
all the way from Chino to Prescott) to get hill training by themselves.  You 
can get lucky in a race and have a great day but in the long run, you either 
pay your dues or lower your expectations and it is obvious which direction they 
have both chosen.  Congrats to 2 of the nicest MM'ers of all time. 
Patricia Wiercinski (The better half of the Patricia/Wayne team) ran 2:31.48 
and a PR too?  I don't have confirmation on that yet.  Patricia will ALWAYS be 
the "better half" of that team!  Snicker...
Diana Polk, president of one of the Elks chapters and who we have not seen in a 
long time 2:41.27!
Congrats to all from our club.  
In downtown Phoenix in the flat, fast, furious and fun TV3 Phoenix 5K/10K
Team "Sneed";  (Susan and Jim), Tom Hahn and I were in attendance. 
The timing company (same one uses in our July 4th race here) has had some 
issues and we only have Gun Time to report so far - hopefully they will get 
chip times today...
Susan ran a 1:20.17 10K and Jim ran a 41.10 5k gun time.  Both knocked a few 
minutes off of the their Fire Dept times from 3 weeks ago...bet those were PR's 
Tom was a big star at 44:13 (he had 44:05 watch time).  Tom finished 20th of 
131 in his age class and 168th of 1636 overall while fighting off some stomach 
issues!  Now Tom who was a high school running star does not claim this as a 
"modern day" PR because he ran a 43 in Skull Valley but the running gods would 
say it was a PR because races like Boston (point to point and downhill as is 
Skull) do not count for all time records because you can get favorable 
conditions over a race that starts and stops in the same location - so we will 
give Tom an "asterisked" modern day PR!!  Tom's comeback is rocking!  
I also had a very good day but I am anxious to get my chip time because my goal 
was to run a modern day PR (45+ minute 10K) and my watch time is just under 
46...Gun time was 46:35 but I started well behind Tom.  I was 6th of 39 in my 
age class, 236th of 1636th overall running a significant negative split.  Not 
bad for the old guy and I didn't fall once while dodging runners in the first 
1.5 miles! YEAH!!! 
Great job to the MM'ers!  

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