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.=:  M O R N I N G    P R A Y E R  :=.
     From Father Pat Umberger

L E N T    P A G E S
Visit my "Lent" page for lots of good information ....  a count-down 'til
Easter, Lenten Reconciliation (including a very portable "Credit Card to
Heaven" to take with you, an Examination of Conscience .... all you'll need
to go to Confession except the sins.  Visit our on-line Stations of the
Cross too, illustrated by the kids of Saint Pat's School.  Our Stations and
Reconciliation aids are available both in English and Spanish.  Follow the
link from: www.frpat.com 

O N - L I N E    S T A T I O N S    O F    T H E     C R O S S
Visit my on-line Stations of the Cross.  I wrote the text for children and
adults alike.  The Stations were illustrated by the children of Saint Pat's
School. They're available in English and Spanish as well. Visit the Stations
every day during Lent.  I think you'll like them a great deal.
Here's the link: www.frpat.com/stations.htm 


.=: S A I N T    O F    T H E    D A Y :=.

St. Louise de Marillac (d. 1660) 
Louise, born near Meux, France, lost her mother when she was still a child,
her beloved father when she was but 15. Her desire to become a nun was
discouraged by her confessor, and a marriage was arranged. One son was born
of this union. But she soon found herself nursing her beloved husband
through a long illness that finally led to his death.
Louise was fortunate to have a wise and sympathetic counselor, St. Francis
de Sales, and then his friend, the Bishop of Belley, France. Both of these
men were available to her only periodically. But from an interior
illumination she understood that she was to undertake a great work under the
guidance of another person she had not yet met. This was the holy priest M.
Vincent, later to be known as St. Vincent de Paul.  For more, follow the
link below:

Saint of the Day: http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/SaintofDay/ 

.=: S C R I P T U R E S   F O R   T H E   D A Y :=

In those days, God delivered all these commandments: "I, the LORD, am your
God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. You
shall not have other gods besides me. ~Exodus 20:1-17 or 20:1-3, 7-8, 12-17

Jesus went up to Jerusalem. He found in the temple area those who sold oxen,
sheep, and doves, as well as the money changers seated there. He made a whip
out of cords and drove them all out of the temple area, with the sheep and
and spilled the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables, and
to those who sold doves he said, "Take these out of here, and stop making my
Father's house a marketplace." ~John 2:13-25

Scriptures: http://www.nccbuscc.org/nab/

.=: M E D I T A T I O N    F O R    T H E    D A Y :=.

"No" is not a word we like to hear.  From earliest of ages we are tempted to
rebel, to take what we shouldn't have or do what we shouldn't do. Sometimes
we can be the same with God's Commandments.  Still, they are there to
protect us and provide for us. Without guidance we lose focus. Things that
don't matter much in the long run become very important to us, while things
that last forever can easily fade into the background. Before long we are
mystified by our unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. During this Holy
Season of Lent we can turn back to God with all our hearts and see the value
of His Commandments once more.

.=: P R A Y E R    F O R    T H E    D A Y :=.

I pray that I may not be so concerned about things of this world.  I pray
that I may work for the things that last forever.

.=: W E     P R A Y  :=.

Sister Frances prays for someone to get the job she applied for. Susanne
requests prayers for healing from illnesses for herself and two of her
friends. Nancy requests prayers for the continuous improvement of health for
a newborn with heart and lung problems. And also gives thanks for all those
who are supporting the family with their prayers.

Mimi is asking prayers for her granddaughter, that she may follow the Lord
and go back to Church and find a job. Luvina requests prayers for her
children, grandchildren, husband and herself for each concern and situation
in their daily lives and thankful Father Pat's Prayer Page has returned.
Mary is requesting prayers of thanksgiving as my husband passed his
certification exam.

We pray for unity in our country and that we may build a Culture of Life. We
pray for the safety of our troops, their safe return and their families at
home.  We pray for a deep and profound respect for life, and for the courage
and willingness to stand up for life. We pray for one another, for those who
have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. Have a
good day!

May God Bless you and those you love, and keep you safe!

Father Pat

      "Be still and know that I am God." ~Psalm 46:10

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