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.=:  M O R N I N G    P R A Y E R  :=.
     From Father Pat Umberger

.=: S A I N T    O F    T H E    D A Y :=.

St. Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) 
The founder of the Jesuits was on his way to military fame and fortune when
a cannon ball shattered his leg. Because there were no books of romance on
hand during his convalescence, he whiled away the time reading a life of
Christ and lives of the saints. His conscience was deeply touched, and a
long, painful turning to Christ began. Having seen the Mother of God in a
vision, he made a pilgrimage to her shrine at Montserrat (near Barcelona).
He remained for almost a year at nearby Manresa, sometimes with the
Dominicans, sometimes in a pauper's hospice, often in a cave in the hills
praying. After a period of great peace of mind, he went through a harrowing
trial of scruples. There was no comfort in anything-prayer, fasting,
sacraments, penance. At length, his peace of mind returned.   For more,
follow the link below:

Saint of the Day: http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/SaintofDay/ 

.=: S C R I P T U R E S   F O R   T H E   D A Y :=

"These, therefore, are the festivals of the LORD on which you shall proclaim
a sacred assembly, and offer as an oblation to the LORD burnt offerings and
cereal offerings, sacrifices and libations, as prescribed for each day."
~Leviticus 23:1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34b-37

But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his native
place and in his own house." And he did not work many mighty deeds there
because of their lack of faith. ~John 13:54-58

Scriptures: http://www.nccbuscc.org/nab/

.=: M E D I T A T I O N    F O R    T H E    D A Y :=.

Today we remember Saint Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus
(Jesuits) He was in the military when a cannon ball shattered his leg.
During his convalescence there was not television and no books with light
reading.   He read the Life of Christ and the Lives of the Saints and was
deeply moved.  His long and painful turning to Christ began. His life didn't
seem to get any easier, but he continued until peace of mind returned.  The
motto of the Jesuits, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" (to the greater glory of

.=: P R A Y E R    F O R    T H E    D A Y :=.

I pray that my own mind may turn more and more toward Jesus.  I pray that,
in my times of doubt and fear, I may persevere in my faith and live my life
"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam."

.=: W E     P R A Y  :=.

Beverly asks prayers for a special intention. Janice requests prayers for
her sister who recently lost her only child, a 22 year old son. A member
requests prayers for a witness to come forward to corroborate the true
wishes of a deceased person, and that the woman who just lied under oath
will receive justice in November during the trial.

Mary requests prayers for three friends who have recurrences of cancer.
Carol request prayers for a friendship that has been damaged and is need of
God's healing touch. Shannon requests prayers for gainful employment.

Barbara requests prayers for a friend who is having an MRI next Tuesday.
Veronica asks prayers so that the blinders will come off to make the right
decisions to find true happiness within herself and follow the path God has
paved for her future. A mother requests prayers for her son that he gets
help for his drinking problem.

We pray for unity in our country and that we may build a Culture of Life. We
pray for the safety of our troops, their safe return and their families at
home.  We pray for a deep and profound respect for life, and for the courage
and willingness to stand up for life. We pray for one another, for those who
have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. Have a
good day!

May God Bless you and those you love, and keep you safe!

Father Pat

      "Be still and know that I am God." ~Psalm 46:10

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