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.=:  M O R N I N G    P R A Y E R  :=.
     from Father Pat Umberger

M O R E    S U R G E R Y
Next Wednesday, October 17th at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rochester, MN.

I went to Mayo Clinic for my follow-up appointment after the eye surgery I
had in Boston a month ago. Things had been going well and the vision had
been getting a bit better.  But Monday morning another vein broke within the
eye and the pressure increased once more.

Dr. Pulido at May Clinic says we're at the crossroads with the eye.  There
were two immediate options.  Number one was to repeat the surgery I had in
Boston, to clean the blood out of the eye, do some more laser surgery and
add a silicone oil to the eye.  The other was to leave things as they are.
The pressure would kill the optic nerve and the eye would be completely
blind.  They would hope that it wouldn't become painful.  If it did, the eye
would be removed.

Dr. Pulido feels it's best to give the surgery one more try.  He says
there's a good chance there will be another hemorrhage, but maybe not.  He
said he'd laser treat the old tumor this time as well, and then add silicone
oil to try to keep things in place.

So ... we decided to repeat the surgery.  It will be done by Doctor Pulido
at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rochester next Wednesday.  I'll return home and
to work the same day.  Then I'll need to return to Rochester to have it
checked the next day and a week later.  Keep me in your prayers and know
you're remembered in mine as well!

.=:  M O R N I N G    P R A Y E R  :=.
     From Father Pat Umberger

.=: S A I N T    O F    T H E    D A Y :=.

St. Seraphin of Montegranaro (1540-1604) 

Seraphin grew up in a poor family and worked as a shepherd. He became a
Capuchin Franciscan at age 16. He imitated Francis in clothing and fasting
and was kind to all. He spent three hours in prayer before the Blessed
Sacrament each day. Although his life was simple and uneventful he has had
miracles attributed to him.  We died on October 12, 1604 and was Canonized
in 1767.

Saint of the Day: http://www.americancatholic.org/Features/SaintofDay/ 

.=: S C R I P T U R E S   F O R   T H E   D A Y :=

"Proclaim a fast, call and assembly; Gather the elders, all who dwell in the
land, Into the house of the Lord, your God, and cry to the Lord!"  ~Joel"
1:13-15; 2:1-2

"The Lord will judge the world with justice."  ~Psalm 9

"If I, then, drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your own people drive
them out?"  ~Luke 11:15-26

Scriptures: http://www.nccbuscc.org/nab/

.=: M E D I T A T I O N    F O R    T H E    D A Y :=.

Jesus says that "every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste."
We are called to come together in God's name. We can trust that the Lord is
with us. We can stay close to one another too, and build a better world.

.=: P R A Y E R    F O R    T H E    D A Y :=.

I pray that I may not fear, knowing the Lord is with me.  I pray that I may
know that our unity is our salvation.  I pray that I may remember that it is
by the finger of God that Jesus drives out demons, and that the Kingdom of
God has come upon us.

.=: W E     P R A Y  :=.

Leila is asking for prayers for her best friend's brother who has a rare
blood disorder and now the doctors fear the medicine is no longer working,
Please pray for healing and  the knowledge of new drugs that will save his
life. Mary is asking prayer for a friend who is having cancer surgery on
Friday. Frank asks for prayers for the return of his three grown children to
their Catholic faith. A member asks prayers for Father Pat as he anticipates
more eye surgery next Wednesday.

Lee asks for prayers for her sister who is in the hospital with lung
problems. Prayers for a couple expecting 7th child. Ted asks for prayers for
his wife that has a large amount of fluid retention, and for the doctors
trying to find cause of the problem.  Kathy asks for prayers as she goes
into surgery on Friday. Jerry asks for prayers for his mother who is having
depression attacks lately.

We pray for unity in our country and that we may build a Culture of Life. We
pray for the safety of our troops, their safe return and their families at
home.  We pray for a deep and profound respect for life, and for the courage
and willingness to stand up for life. We pray for one another, for those who
have asked our prayers and for those who need our prayers the most. Have a
good day!

May God Bless you and those you love, and keep you safe!

Father Pat

      "Be still and know that I am God." ~Psalm 46:10 

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