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  • From: "ROB MEREDITH" <rmeredith@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <moneytalks@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 11:27:31 -0500

Pleas find responses to some of your concerns in your original message =

>>> jmb1202@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 02/07/05 08:15PM >>>
Hello Everyone I have been using Money Talks for about a week now and =
overall find it a very good program. Here are some of my observations of =
things that may help with the ease of use for the end user and some bugs =
that I found while using JAWS On my system.=20
Money Talks=20

Can Money Talks be se-up so you can get the current balance from wherever =
you are instead of manually going to the last entry in the balance column?

Rob>Let me understand. You want to read to total account balance, =
including uncleared transactions? If so, this could be done. This is the =
first time we have seen a request for this; we figured it would be rare =
enough that one could just read the bottom transaction. Thoughts, anyone?

Can Money talks recognize a shared minimum balance between a checking and =
saving account so that if the minimum balance is reached between these two =
account a notification can be given when a service charge will be applied?

Rob>No shared minimum balance support is available at this time. It =
doesn't seem like a simple thing to implement either on our end, or the =
user's end. For example, you would have to have both accounts open, and =
link them somehow. What if you had three or four accounts open? What if =
you had just one account open of a pair?

The Date field should be self formatting so only the numbers of the date =
need to be entered. ( 010105 converts to 01/01/05 )

Rob>We don't agree; you can leave out the leading 0's if you wish and have =
the same numver of key strokes. Example, 2/8/5.

When using ctrl + tab to move through the open account screens, the window =
moved to should be announced. This does not happen whether using jaws or =
the built in speech.=20

Rob>The reason it doesn't speak with JAWS is a JAWS problem, not a Money =
Talks problem. We had this working once in self-voicing mode, but there =
were some technical problems which made the information speak too much. We =
could revisit this.

Can a selection be place int the transfer dialog box to set up a recurring =
transfer such as an amount of money that is transferred from a checking =
account to a savings account each month?

Rob>We would have to investigate. Probably not, as you would be linking =
accounts as above.

Is there a way to allow for deletion of misspelled entries or unwanted =
entries in the drop down boxes?=20

Rob>Not yet; we will have this before the release.


CTRL + SPACE does not work; no announcement of current transaction. ( I =
have seen that this has been address with some jaws scripts by another =
list member. )

The find previous or next uncleared item does not WORK WITH JAWS.=20

Rob>This is another script problem. Perhaps we could change the key =

JAWS will not read the entire entry in the pay name field although the =
application speech will.=20

Rob>This is a screen column width problem; this may be addressed. However, =
if a name is too long, there isn't much we can do.

When using jaws the column headings are not announced when moving across =
the sheet from column to column. This Applies No Matter Which User =
Verbosity Is Used (i.e? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)

Rob>I doubt we will be writing JAWS scripts to solve this.

when in the category and debit/credit summarys jaws does not speak easily, =
when using the money talks speech this is not a problem. This appears to =
be a problem with JAWS focusing on the text, if you move up or down a line =
then read the current line JAWS will read it but will not read it just by =
moving to the line.

Rob>This is a JAWS problem, though there may be something we can do to =
minimize it.

6. There appears to be a problem wit jaws focusing on a new application =
when using alt+ tab to move between different applications, i.e. Internet =
Explorer, the Calculator, a Word processor.=20

Rob>I doubt this is related to Money Talks.

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