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Home takes you to the left-most column on a line. Ctrl+home takes you to the
first item in a file.

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I'm really enjoying working with the program.  I do however, have a
couple more suggestions. Maybe I was just spoiled using the previous one
I had. Anyway, one of the things I don't like is having to back tab to
get to the debit and credit buttons when you do a transaction. Many
times I forget to do this and it messes up the balance.  In the last
program I used it was one of the last buttons you get to along with
clear and void.  This way you don't forget to check one.  I also forget
to do the clear thing many times.
Now the last thing is when doing a search you have to be at the top of
the category for it to search the whole account without having to do
another search going the other way. The way I would like it to work is
for it to search from the point it is and if it reaches the bottom
without finding anything it starts off at the top of the account and
goes back to where it started or have it start from the beginning of the
file to begin with. It is a pain to have to up arrow all the way to the
top of the file just to do a search. I have tried pressing home to get
up there but unless I am missing something it doesn't work.  Just my two
cents worth.


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