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  • Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:41:52 -0500

Not sure where this happens but I've never had to download software and then
click on purchase. Not even Symantec does that.


For all other products under aph.org/tech the purchase link takes one to a page
with the catalog numbers for entry into the online shopping cart. It is only the
MT pages that do not do this.


Other issues are present with the ordering system but I don't think this is the
place for me to go into those.


Reagan D. Lynch



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You gotta download mt first then click purchase. It is this way with a lot of
software web sites.
Synthia M. Greenwell 
Program Coordinator 
20/200 Fellowship, Inc.

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I just wanted to let APH know that the Purchase link on APH's Money Talks web
page (http://www.aph.org/tech/mt_info.htm) is dead - it leads to the "Page
cannot be found" message.
-Carol Cyr
Computer Instructor
Peninsula Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Palo Alto, California
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