[moneytalks] Re: Beta: The OR feature, its use on othercolumns in MT, and ranges

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  • Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 12:06:38 -0500


Thanks. OK, I experimented again and the "Or" does as you say. I don't know what I was typing incorrectly. I even carefully typed in the example I myself gave as not working, and it did work.

Regarding ranges though, would you be able to establish this ability in the amount field? That would make the "Or" more meaningful in that field. Say, a person could only show transactions that ranged from $11.82 to and including $14.00, or whatever they wanted.


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Actually, the "or" feature is working just fine in the amount column.
Try typing -|+, and notice that all transactions are shown. When you do
this, the program claims to be in restricted view; this is a bug which
has been fixed.

We are not planning to support the "or" feature in the status column.

Rob Meredith

steveziel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/27/06 10:25AM >>>
Hello MT staff and all,

I've noticed that the Or feature, using the vertical bar, doesn't work
the amount field or the status column. Example, you cannot type -4|-5,
four, vertical bar, dash 5), in the amount column, to get a listing of

transactions that start with these digits. Similarly, you cannot type
in the
status column, r|u, (r, vertical bar, u), to get a listing of both
transactions and uncleared transactions. The inability to use the Or
in these two columns is logically inconsistent with the other columns.

Furthermore, there may be times where a person would want to combine
some of
these restricted views in one fluid key sequence to manipulate and
their registry. In the example above, they'd can both examine what
cleared and could refresh their mind about the status and settings of
recurring transactions. It does make logical sense to me to not allow
restrictions of the balance column, with or without the Or option.

Using the amount column with the Or command might be even more useful
there were some way to cause the program to examine transactions in an

amount range, for instance, only show transactions that are $15.75 to
$300.00 in range. The user can determine the range. If this could be
implemented without major work, it might make the Or command even more

useful on the amount column.

Watcha think?


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