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Hi Doc,

That was the suggestion from freedom as well. I am using jaws 8. For some
reason my computer seems to lock up or something.

I appreciate any thoughts. I liked being able to import the data. 


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Nancy are you using jaws?  If so after turning forms mode on in the  combo
box try doing an alt down arrow to see if that will allow you to scroll
through the list.

On the other hand, you have different fingers

robert Doc Wright

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Hi Rob,

Checking the summarize uncleared transaction was the answer.

I am now able to summarize all the entries in my accounts.

One other question.
Is anyone else having trouble using their internet banking?

I use US bank, and Jaws 8. I used to be able to go to the down load account
info link and with the combo box choose what account to down load from. Now
when I go to the combo box, as soon as I attempt to use the down arrow after
hitting the space bar, The cursor jumps back to the top of the web page. I'm
unable to select the account to down load from or the software to use.

Thank you.


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There is no way to get the bank's running balance in the balance column when
using the restricted view. When restricting, the balance is the running
balance of the transactions in the view. So, if you are looking at a
restricted view, the account starting balance is ignored, and the balance at
the top of the view before accounting for the first transaction is 0.00.

This may seem odd at first, but it allows you to see the net of all
tranactions of a specific type or types. For example, I can quickly see how
much I spent on food in the last 4 years, or how much I took out of the ATM
this month.

The category summary only works if your transactions contain category info.
There is also a box which controls whether or not cleared transactions are
included in category summaries. You might have better luck with the
Credit/Debit summary.


>>> nstevens@xxxxxxxxxx 12/20/07 12:55PM >>>
Now can anyone tell me how to use the restrict by date, and still have the
bank balance appear.

Also I'm still having trouble using the category summary with all accounts
accept the personal account.

Maybe all of you who use jaws know this command but I just learned that if I
type the letter c on an internet page I can more quickly find the accounts
information. It works to.

Thanks for all the help.



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I keep all of my transactions from past years but when it comes time to do
my taxes, I create a duplicate copy called 2006.mtf and then delete from it
all transactions before and after that year. In this way I have the best of
both worlds - searching all activity at any time for my account, but being
able to create subsets for special purposes.

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