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I will try to get everything that I have out to everyone next week.  Please
do bring feature requests to the meeting.


For those who are new to the request process, as you are considering
enhancement/feature requests, ask the following questions:

1.      Is this something that is 'our' school/district specific and would
only benefit our school/district?  
2.      Is this something that would meet the needs or create an improvement
that all Missouri schools could use?  
3.      Is this something that would meet the needs or benefit all schools
using Campus?  


If the answer to 1 is yes, do not bring that type of request to the meeting.
It would need to be submitted by the individual school/district to CIC and
IC.  Items 2 and 3 would be the kind we would discuss as a group. 



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It appears that I will be the only one coming from Wright City to the user
group meeting.


Is there any way that someone can forward the feature requests that we will
be discussing to me?  I would like to get a prioritization from my staff
prior to the meeting.  I was also wondering if I can bring some new feature
request to the meeting as well.  I have a meeting scheduled with my district
on the 17th so that we can put together some feature request that we would


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