[mohaa] TnA Dues Change

  • From: tna.xfactor@xxxxxxx
  • To: mohaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 04:37:01 -0500

Hello Everyone!

The General here,  Just wanted to inform everyone about the new rates 
for (TnA) Member Dues.

We have split the dues into 4 differnt levels:

1: Free Membership- Pvt. and below do not pay dues and have no special 
server privlages. New recruits are privates and below until promoted 
and dues collected.

2: $3.00/month - Sgt. and above contribute $3.00/mo clan dues and 
enjoy the convenience of a private slot.

3: $6.00/month - Officers below the rank of Colonel contribute $6.
00/mo clan dues and have rcon privlages and a private slot.

4: $9.00/month - Colonel and above contribute $9.00/mo, have rcon,
private slot, and CI control also. 

That is the pricing breakdown as of now, if you have any questions,
you can contact the clan by using our contact form (http://tna.dbw.
org/index.php?id=contact). Also, your comments on our site, or server 
are greatly appreciated.

That's all for now...
 -(TnA)Gen. Xfactor

WEBSITE:  http://tna.dbw.org

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