[mohaa] Policy is Philosophy

  • From: "(TnA)Gen. Xfactor" <tna.xfactor@xxxxxxx>
  • To: mohaa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 17:52:20 -0500

Policy is Philosophy

We're different from other clans, and here is why; (1) We rarely 
ban anyone, and (2) Visitors are treated like valued customers.

(1) Cliche, annoying, and juvenile! So many clans just kick and ban 
folks left and right! We believe that everyone deserves respect and 
an opportunity to stop doing whatever it is that is unacceptable.

You will not get kicked for being better than we are. We will assume 
that no one is cheating, until it becomes obvious and offensive to 
several other players. Cheaters will be asked to play fair. We will 
regret having to remove anyone but in the end, cheaters are not welcome.

Paradoxically to our name, we are freedomists, we do not like censorship 
and we do not want to infringe on your fun. Please respect other 
players, don't cheat, and have a good time.

(2) Visitors are treated like valued customers

Most other clans treat non-clan visitors as second-rate players. 
Guest are #1 on any TnA server! We want you to use our server(s) 
and enjoy your gaming experience. We want you to play fair and have 
a good time.

We will cater to our guests. If visitors request a certain map, a 
TnA member with rcon will load the map. If visitors request a certain 
game type that we have available, we will provide it. The only exception 
is during scrims or TnA clan training sessions.

This land is your land! 

WEBSITE:  http://tna.dbw.org

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