[modular-debian] Re: Alternate init mailing list?

  • From: Steve Litt <slitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: modular-debian@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 02:16:55 -0500

On Sun, 14 Dec 2014 17:58:22 -0500
Marty <martyb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Have tried Gentoo lists and forums? Here's one example:
> https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-998478.html

Hi Marty,

Thanks to the preceding link, I got my (former)
sysvinit->OpenRC->Daemontools box to boot runit->OpenRC->runit.
It's a circa 2008 commodity box (Manjaro 8.11 64bit OpenRC distro) that
boots from Grub Menu to lightdm in 15 seconds, and shuts off from lxde
to no power in about 6 seconds.

Over time, I'll migrate more and more tasks from OpenRC to runit. I
pretty much understand what runit is doing: It's actually pretty
intuitive if you know daemontools.

I'm just barely starting to understand this stuff, so if anyone has
questions, perhaps I can help or at least point in the right direction.

By the way, if anyone knows a way to print a list of OpenRC-spawned
processes and their process dependencies, please let me know. That will
be key in moving more processes over to runit.

And thank you very much Marty: That was a very valuable link.


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