[modeleng] Re: 'oles

  • From: "Charles & Dorothy Brumbelow" <cbrumbelow@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <modeleng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 07:43:14 -0600

My comments and article reference posted earlier had to do with spring 
material of a clocklike nature, Al.  Although EDM would work with any spring 
one could get into position; some would take longer than others.  Charles

> Are we talking about "clock Spring" material, or
> "Automobile leaf spring" we have scrounged?
> Al Messer
>> Spring steel can usually (noticed I said USUALLY) be
>> drilled by running the
>> drill very slowly, using plenty of thread cutting
>> oil and keeping a steady
>> and relentless pressure against the drill bit.  If
>> the drill ever makes a
>> turn without removing metal the steel will instantly
>> case/work harden and
>> all forward progress will cease.  This same system
>> works on stainless steels
>> that work harden when drilling.
>> Unka Jesse


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