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Hi all,
Been a while since I last posted something uttermost useless. So here it is.

If I am right Alan is talking about the following museum .
Years ago I had the chance of visiting that place, or was it a different
location, but I had the impression it was closing up at the time. Glad to
see however that it is still going strong and manages to preserve a real
fine collection of strange transportation means.
Bring also back a memorable trip on board of one of one who made then
regular crossings of the channel. Rough weather which made up for a noisy
and bumpy ride. As explained by the stewards due to the higher waves part of
the air cushion gets lost which made it travel somewhere lower as the top of
the waves. The result was skimming the waves somewhere ¾ their height. like
running into a wall each time.
Hope you enjoy your visit and if you have the chance ? take a ride as well.
Wilfried Vermeiren

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For anyone who is modelling hovercraft, the hovercraft museum at Lee on 
Solent is open for the next four days to commemorate the 50th anniversary of

the first hovercraft.

An ideal opportunity to look, take photos, etc.



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