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As far as I am aware, there is no absolute formula for speed against engine 
There are many rough guides, with the actual limiting factors being, the 
valve gear, inertia in moving parts, and general inefficiency, plus the 
normal design criteria.

At a guess, that size of engine would probably turn at around 500-600 rpm 
without too much trouble.
It is quite a long stroke for the bore, which will limit speed.


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> Hi All,
When discussing with a friend we had this question ( may seem crazy to the 
most experienced of You), for which we found no reliable answer, how to 
calculate (estimate?) the running speed of a steam engine (RPM) knowing the 
type of engine (single/double acting, condensing/non condensing), the 
stroke,the bore and the inlet steam pressure ? For your info we are building 
an horizontal slide-valve steam engine 1 1/2 bore, 2 1/4 stoke , of a type 
inspired from an old design .
> I thank you for your help and the infos you can forward ....
>  Regards
> pierre.courbouleix@xxxxxxxxxx
> Pierre


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