[modeleng] Re: Steam engine RPM?

  • From: "Peter J. Cathcart" <peter.cathcart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <modeleng@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 14:29:17 +0100

Speaking of stringing things out, does anyone still twist their own model
ropes for sailing ship models from string?  I've a brief how-to writeup of
building a miniature rope walk for the purpose, but don't know whether
anyone actually does that anymore.



I built a rope making machine last year which can take anything from cotton 
to twine, but my favourite is the cotton string sold by B&Q.  Being a 
natural substance it twists into great ropes for knots.  I based it on a 
design by a friend who built his as he couldn't find rope suitable for the 
steam tug boat he was building from scratch.  The main reason for building 
it was for scouts.  However we did have it on the IDSME stand at Sandown 
Park last December and it went down a treat - particularly for the boaters. 
Lots went away having made their first rope on the device.

I would be very interested in your miniature rope walk.  Might be another 
suitable project for scouts.

Peter Cathcart


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