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  • Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 12:57:32 -0600


I don't know what goes on over at Ashland City, but I remember Al asking a 
question about how to keep his silver solder flux from climbing up the 
inside of its container and out over the rim.  This was several years ago so 
maybe the vortex has slowed down its spiral.  Speaking of distilled spirits, 
they had a demonstration program at Land Between the Lakes about 20 years 
ago.  They  got hold of two genuine old time distillers who had made their 
living by dodging, not always successfully I might add, the long arm of the 
Revenooers.  Anyway, they had built a nice copper still and every two weeks 
they would run off a batch for the edification of the public.  Invariably, 
when they switched bottles at the discharge spout, a little bit of the magic 
potion would run on the ground and mix with some water that had accumulated 
under the spout. An old tomcat from the barn happened by while I was there 
and drank some of the mixture from the puddle.  Two weeks later, they almost 
didn't have the still running before the same old cat showed up.  Must have 
been good stuff.! There was always a gumment agent in attendance and he made 
sure that ALL of the "product" was poured out in the grass.  The spent mash 
was tossed over the fence into a hog lot where several happy hogs cleaned it 

One of the distillers had as many as 8 stills running at one time and bought 
his sugar directly from the mills in Louisiana by the truck load.  The 
stills, at least those which hadn't been destroyed continued to operate 
while he was spending time in the Federal Pokey.  The land in that area was 
not really much good for farming so corn was raised in the few small areas 
that had soil on them.  Not nearly enough corn could be raised to support a 
family unless it was converted into liquid form and transported to large 

At this point I would like to make it clear, I do not nor have I ever used 
my Newbie locomotive boiler to make corn squeezings.  Several people 
including Al Messer and a certain Ozonian* have tried to convince everyone 
that I use the boiler illegally to produce "Newbie Juice".

*Initials are TEL.

Jesse in slightly sleety Troy TN 


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