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At 01:25 PM 2/20/06 +0800, you wrote:
>Modern fluid flow analysis has shown that the close fitting plunger in a
>bore causes more problems than it's worth,

       NOW you tell me, however I can certainly say I've seen a number of
axle pump designs, especially smaller ones, which are of that design.
Whether they knew what you know then or not I don't know but the principle
is the same.  The problem for me at this point is that I've used a pump
casting from the Reeves 'Bridget' loco and it's all done but the final bore
finish.  Mounting location and axle clearances won't allow me to alter the
gland and guide now.

>PS  Could someone please post this to the "modeleng" discussion group

    I'll wait to see if anyone else posts it for you, and if not I'll do it.



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