[modeleng] Re: Krackle finish paint

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  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2006 12:59:30 +0000

I have used the spray on stuff from the local car shop. There is also some 
stuff stocked in my local ironmongers/ general hardware/farm supply shop 
(the advantage of living in rural Wiltshire!), which I haven't tried. For 
the spray on stuff, you need to have everything fairly warm (at least 20 
degrees C), and the spray nozzle tends to clog very easily, in an almost 
permant fashion. I haven't yet successfully part used  a can and been able 
to use it again. This, by the way, was black crackle, used for restoring a 
1939 National HRO receiver for anyone interested.........Blue/grey and 
olive drab crackles don't seem to be available any more.
The spray on stuff is also a fairly 'coarse' crackle, rather than the very 
fine crackle that you see used on avionics stuff, so it tends to be a 
'shiny' crackle rather than the very matt finish beloved in avionics 
because it minimises reflections.

I have genrally gone over to using Hammerite, although the 'hammer' is 
pretty coarse, compared with the 'oyster hammer finish' we had in my young 
days at Marconi. For small items, I use a wire brush on the bare aluminium 
(wearing protective gloves, storeman's dust coat and protective goggles), 
folowed by a clear spray. Using the wire brush is also useful as a surface 
preparation when you want paint to stick.

Why is it that paint in the wrong place sticks like S*** to a blanket (as 
the old RAF term has it), but despite careful preparation, drops off a 
something where you really want it to stay?

Peter Chadwick


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