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I don't have chapter and verse but I believe it comes from an E U Regulation 
which was then translated into English.  We have horrible regs on boilers 
since Mr. Europe I know it all decided to interfere.  Our version has been 
translated down a bit but is still grim.

Bureaucrats who want to justify their existence have a lot to answer for - 
and those in Brussels are particularly bad as they actually believe their 
role is to protect us from ourselves.

Still, working in Boston Lodge was fun.  I spent the last couple of days 
helping to put Blanche, over 100 years old, back together again having had a 
new boiler fitted.


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Thanks for the info on hand firing those Fairlies.  I always wondered how
one could manage inside the cab with the fire doors on the sides of the
boilers.  Now I see, you have to stick parts of your anatomy outside the cab
to load the grates.

Now, why would some idiot of a bureaucrat come up with some sort of
regulations concerning the diameter of the air piping?  I mean, usually
pipes (at least here in the USA) are tested to about 1,000 PSI (453 KG) per
square inch.  I doubt that anyone's compressor will reach that kind of
pressure except maybe in an industrial setting.

Jesse in the North American Colonies.


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