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Hello Harry,

This is as I thought, although Tee Publishing, EIM's parent company, have 
re-published older works from time to time, and as I said before, the new 
owwners of M.E.have taken to publishing individual construction series from 
their archives, so it was worth an ask. As you say, in this instance, Peter 
has taken care of me however, fortunately it would seem!

Regards, and wishing you and everyone else on the group a Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year.


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>>Are these construction series ever published in booklet format,
> Tony,
> Peter has you taken care of, but to answer your question, the probability 
> of any Ga1 loco design from EIM appearing in booklet form is practically 
> nil.  The reason is the usual one, not enough market, not enough Ga1 
> scratch builders to make such a publication worth while.  I've talked to a 
> couple of Ga1 chums in the UK who say there are very few of these being 
> built, at least so far as is known among G1MRA members.  If it could be 
> demonstrated that a publication run of say 1000 or more could be sold it 
> might be a viable proposition but the actual demand would be 1/10th that 
> or less.  It's probably beneficial for EIM to publish Ga1 articles at all 
> because it expands the horizons of his magazine and could attract new 
> subscribers, book and back number buyers, and maybe an advertsier or two.
> Regards,
> Harry


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