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I have been reading the thread about Titanium grates on the modeleng.org board. 
 First I must state that what I know about raising steam and driving a model 
steam locomotive you could tattoo on to a tadpoles todger but it seems to me 
that burning coal is more trouble than its worth with holes burnt in grates and 
arches, clinker,
 excess residue, fire going out, driver feeling a bit crook after a days 
The most popular fuel used here in Oz seems to be industrial Char made from 
brown coal.  There was a comparison test done by Hornsby M.E.S and reported in 
A.M.E issue 119 on Welsh Steam Coal and they thought that Char was better. As 
there may not be a similar product available in the U.K. I though about solid 
BBQ fuel. From what I can find out its a very similar product only a bit more 
refined with all the nasty bits taken out Its clean their is no smoke no smell 
(cooking food with char can poison You)  This stuff is sold everywhere in Oz 
Supermarkets, service stations, hardware stores. A 4Kg bag at my local 
supermarket costs $6.50 Probably cost less than half that wholesale. Tel told 
me he has used it in a vertical steel boiler without any problems. If this 
product is available in the UK it may be a viable alternative. Anybody else 
have any thought's on this.  I will keep asking around somebody must have tried 
it in a loco.
Maybe there is a business opportunity here.

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