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Mock Trial Listserv

Official Post 1/29/2016 – Week 2

Greetings, Mock Trial Competitors!

All regional competitions are Saturday, Feb. 27. The state competition is
Friday afternoon, March 11, and Saturday, March 12, in Portland.

Week 2, 1/29/16, includes

UPDATES – Regions, Regional Coordinators
Official Answer to Question Posted to the Listserv – Week 2

I. UPDATES – Regions, Team Letter Codes, Regional Coordinators

COACHES: contact your educator judges now! Be sure they know the date and their
responsibilities. It is very disruptive and difficult for regional coordinators
when judges cancel at the last minute.

Every region has a volunteer regional coordinator running your local
competition. Please contact these terrific individuals for information that is
specific to your region (location, times, etc.). As local Regional
Coordinators provide information, it will be posted here. Also, the Deschutes
Region has added a team so it is listed below.

Clackamas County – 12 (3 to state)

Mr. Bill Knox, Attorney, Bill@xxxxxxxxxx

Deschutes County (ONE TEAM ADDED) – 7 (2 to state)

Ms. Angela Lee Angie Lee, Attorney, angela@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1. Bend Senior High Blue – AB

2. Bend Senior High Gold – AY

3. Cascades Academy – BI

4. Sisters High School Black – CX

5. Sisters High School White – EE

6. Summit High School White – FT

7. Summit High School Green – YY

Eastern Oregon – 5 (1 to state)

Ms. Kelsie McDaniel, Union County District Attorney, kmcdaniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackson County – 7 (2 to state)

Justin Rosas, Attorney, justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linn County – 7 (2 to state)

Kristen Sager-Kottre, Attorney, kristen.ksklaw@xxxxxxxxx

Multnomah County – 22 (5 to state)

Barbara Rost, Classroom Law Project, brost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Washington County – 12 (3 to state)

Elizabeth Lemoine, Attorney, elizabeth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7:00a – doors open. 8:00a – Team Orientation, Rounds 1, 2, 3 to follow

II. Official Answers to Questions Posted to the Listserv – Week 2

(Week 1 – Questions 1, 2)

3. Q. Jan. 27: Could you give a definition of retrograde and anterograde
A. “Retrograde amnesia: Amnesia in which the lack of memory relates to events
that occurred before a traumatic event. Retrograde amnesia is in contrast to
antegrade amnesia in which the lack of memory relates to events that occurred
after a traumatic event.” The traumatic event in this case is the ingestion of
Rohypnol. (Source: Medicinenet.com 1/28/16)

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