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Download the multimedia flash player fro free in abotu 1 minute from the 
flash download site. go to GOOGLE and type in "download free flash 
player" and you'll get there.

            Robert F. Bremmer
               Dept. Director
      Multimedia & Web Design
             Clickable Media!
The Art Institute of Portland

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Man! The computers at work have everything but a Flash player!!  
rrrrrrrrrrrrgggh!! I can't run this stuff to see it. I'll try again. 
Keep the great work!!



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>Subject: [mmfa_02cap] Re: here my first button in flash 
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>That was very cool. This is the storyboard with buttons that I did. It 
isn't cool but it shows that we can now move from on page to another. 
><< Storyboard.swf >> 


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