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I may not be able to make it to class due to a Doctor appointment.  It
depends how long it takes.  Anyway, for Jessie Vo, attached is the text for
the Diagnosis page.  As we discussed on Monday I think that the heading and
the questions can be listed on the main open section of the page and then
when you click on the question the text for that question appears in the
text section of the page.  Let me know what you think.



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Hey! Per the requests of last night I e-mailed the Doctor with all of the 
questions that we wanted to know, time line,time steps, surgery types and
media; pictures, video, annimations, still lifes, or whatever he has
If anyone wants a copy of the letter, I will be happy to send it out. I 
requested that he respond by 5:00pm Wed. 
I am hoping for a response soon!
See you tomorrow.

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