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Howdy all, please be on time tonight for a quick survey from someone 
from the UNST dept; this is important to the school but also should 
prove useful to you within the remaining part of the term.

            Robert F. Bremmer
               Dept. Director
      Multimedia & Web Design
             Clickable Media!
The Art Institute of Portland

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I think we might have a small meeting after class on monday. I think we 
are having a guest in class for some sort of survey on the capstone 
class. Chris, Molly, Dave, Steve. Are we planning to go to the lab after 
that? If not we can always set up a meeting for some other time.


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>Hey tech group, 
>I would like to know what time your meetings are scheduled for, as I 
>would love to be a part of them! I want to get involved with you 


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