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If you get a chance can you run this by the Doctor to see if I'm on the
right track or covering the correct procedures.  If so, can you ask if he
has any diagrams or pictures of the surgeries.  I found plenty of text but
no pics or diagrams.

The three types of surgery that I have researched for E.C. are
Esophagectomy, Endothoracic Endoesophageal Pull-Through, and Palliative
Surgery.  I plan on giving overviews on each for the Surgery section.

Let me know what he says.



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Bring the reciept on Wednesday and we'll divvy up the reimbursement 
between all students. Probably about $1.25 per person. 

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Alright... I let simple economics resolve this debate.
Ive picked up all the supplies for packaging (30 CD-Rs
and 30 DVD Cases). Heres the grand total:
This includes CD-Rs and DVD cases for 30 CDs. If we
need more I can go get more. The cases are plain basic
black -an option more cost effective than the $30 I
would have paid for anything other than that (for just
the cases).
If anyone has any serious issues with this, let me
know and I can return the murchandise (saved my
receipt this time). Otherwise, all systems GO for
launch for cases that are similar to the Tri-met CD.


                                     --- "Steve Cross
Jr." <scrossjr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So are we doing the big DVD cases or the little
> ones?  I need to know
> for measurement sizes for the starting process for
> the design.

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