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All well, as you no wnow. Thanks! camera...issued. Journals...Received. 
Enjoy the Monday Holiday. See you next Wednesday.

            Robert F. Bremmer
               Dept. Director
      Multimedia & Web Design
             Clickable Media!
The Art Institute of Portland

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Hi Rob,

I'm guessing with my luck that you turned up for class as soon as I 
departed.... isn't that always the way? However, if you didn't, most of 
us left our weekly journals on the door of your office. I know that the 
group headed to Vancouver on Sunday still need to liberate the camera 
from your office as well... 

I hope everything is ok and you are well!
Molly (on behalf of the poor dejected ranks of my fellow classmates)


| | Molly Stack 
| | 503.544.1556 
| | Portland,OR 


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