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  • Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 15:35:54 -0800

Happy New Year to you all!

Chris, you poooooor thing! I'm so sorry we missed you.

Welp, we just adjourned our little meeting (Kumar, Lisa, and I). We looked at the interface and Kumar's going to come up with all the little tweaking that could and should be done so that we can make a final decision in class about what we'll commit to. We realised, however, that the commitment that we make to the interface requires a commitment to the type of content we intend to display. We all agreed that if we use the text box on the right side of the screen once, then we should use it always or not at all. We need to be sure that there is always something to display in the text box and alternately, there should always be something filling the left side space for images. I think we can manage making sure that there will always be appropriate images to fill the space so it's not empty, as well as text to fill the box. I will of course explain more precisely in class the need for this consistency. Chris.... I don't know if you've had any luck with linking all the pages together, but hopefully on Monday, we'll have the final interface design decision. Would make things a little easier...

Regarding filling the left side of the screen with images, I was thinking that we should include diagrams where possible. Lisa mentioned making the diagrams interactive, operable from the text box (click something in the text box and an animated arrow points to a spot on the diagram, colors change correspondently, etc.). I favor her idea because not only does an interactive diagram seem like a cleaner way to present the information (instead of showing a boring diagram already cluttered with pointers and words), but the idea that the text box interacts with the image portion of the screen is far more engaging than two seperate static fields for text and images. It would also save us the pain of creating a whole animation from scratch that could get us into trouble not only technically (Lisa's idea is much simpler technically) but also stands the chance of being really incorrect depending on our information, our drawing skills and how much feedback the doctor is able to give us. She will hopefully be able to bring an example in on Monday.

Also, we discussed logos for each section as well as a class logo, our need to begin plugging our research information into the appropriate places (which should be fairly easy for us to get going with) and especially begin collecting raw material (photos, video, etc.). I think we should get as much raw material as we can get our hands on. If client liason could find out when there are surgeries scheduled, if we could be permitted to attend and film them, and if there are videos of arthroscopic surgeries available that could be released for our uses, that would be wonderful. I am ready and will to go into the OR with the vid and/or still camera (I think we should do both... although we can capture stills from video, it would be nice to get more coverage with more than one camera). I also still need everyone's usernames, otherwise I cannot get you access to the server. If you don't know your Odin username, the Help Desk in SMC 18 can help you get it.

We have a lot to discuss and I can't wait to see all your shiny faces in class on Monday! Have a safe and happy new year tonight.

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| | 503.544.1556
| | Portland,OR
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Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 17:29:28 EST
Hey you! Yes I was there and nobody else was. So I went back home and that is
where I am now. Sorry I missed you guys, but I don't have any money to get
gas to make it back there. I have to wait here until my son comes home to get
the money I gave him to eat. Then I can get gas, but I don't know when that
will be.
Maybe you can e-mail me notes on what we will be working on for class time
and I can work on it from here.

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