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  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 21:04:00 -0800

From what I understand of Mac, I concur with Rahmuk. DO save the project as a .swf file and don't just change the extension. It's up to the user to make sure they have the proper Flash plugins and players to view it. If this is correct, then it should be a note in our system requirement notes.


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If the project is saved as a flash file (swf format)
then it should work on a mac. But you cannot just
change the file extension (ie .exe to .swf won't work)
The file should be saved straight from flash, with the
swf extension and then any mac with a flash player
should read it. If you bring a cd with this format on
wed, I can check it on computers that I know have
flash players on them.

--- Julie Aldridge <julie_aldridge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Mac experts we need you...
> This is Julie, Chris and Johnny and we are in the
> lab
> trying to figure out how to convert our project to
> have a MAC version. This is a challenge as none of
> us
> have MAC skills (I was able to understand how to
> open
> a browser and send this note).  Please send clues or
> advice.
> Your help is appreciated... and no our  beta version
> of the project doesn't seem to run in MAC (even when
> we change the file extensions...)
> Thanks,
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