[mmfa_02cap] Re: MMFA_02: Client Liason or Bust!

  • From: Amy Baker <mscoppertop@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mmfa_02cap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 17:30:57 -0800 (PST)

OK!!! I got a hold of the doc! 
Technical team: get your cameras ready, hes coming to
class on Monday Nov 18.
Client Liason: the doc said hed be happy to answer any
questions in the meantime. Hes been really busy but
now hes had some time. Also, hes going to print out
and bring for us the entire www.uptodate.com website
info on esophageal cancer. 
Creative team: bring to class next monday any and all
concept drawings, sketches and storyboards
Management: chill out and watch us all panic

So to sum up, docs coming to class on monday Nov 18 so
everyone be prepared. Hes also bringing some cool info
to share.

thanks guys!


--- bremmerr@xxxxxxx wrote:
> This is very strange as I talked to him last Monday
> and he was eager to 
> get going...let me know if you have nohin by
> tomorrow, tuesday.
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> Bust!
> Id be glad to prepare a visual aide for the doc if
> we
> ever get a chance to see him. Im going to send him
> another email tonite and then try calling his office
> first thing on Monday. I will leave a message with a
> nurse if hes not there, or, ask one of the nurses
> for
> a contact name of someone we could talk to... 
> Creative Group. If you have any other sample
> sketches
> storyboards or drawings, please email them to me at
> mscoppertop@xxxxxxxxxx Thanks!!!
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