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  • Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 17:00:19 -0800


Hey all... 

Lesson 2 now, ready? 

We cannot log into other people's H drives to get information or files but
wecan share them on the IDSC server, as long as they're not overwhelmingly
HUGE. Arriving at the Shuttle is the rub. Hopefully most PCs will have a
shortcut already established to Shuttle from the desktop and you can use
thatto access it. Inside Shuttle, there are three folders and I don't yet
know which one is ours, if any; they are named capstone, NW Capstone, and NW
Capstone new. If anyone decides to save work to the shuttle before we get
thefolder name sorted, go ahead and make a new folder for us and let the
listknow what you named the folder. 

If you're on a PC and there is no shortcut established to Shuttle yet, open
My Network Places and you might see two different things: 
1) You see a networked folder named IDSC on Daghda 
a) Open this to find the Shuttle folder
b) then find our class folder, whatever that may be named, and you're


2) You see nowt (that's slang for "nothing") but an icon for the Entire
a) double click it
b) You see an icon for the Microsoft Windows Network, double click that.
c) Now you've got the whole network laid out before you, all alphabetically
organised. Fine the PSU network group and double click that.
d) NOW you get to see EVERY COMPUTER connected to the PSU network. scroll
waaaaaaaay down, past all the Cramer Hall lab stations (Ch10101whatevers)
andfind Daghda, double click that.
e) Getting closer... now you should be able to pick out the IDSC network
folder which you will of course double click...
f) And at last we've arrived at the home of the Shuttle folder, double click
it and you're in. 

Now, that's for PC. This is for Mac: 

a) From Finder, choose the Go pulldown menu and click Connect to Server.
b) The Connect to Server dialog box opens and hopefully the address is
already entered there, but if it isn't entered or doesn't exist in the At:
pulldown menu, type smb://daghda.psu.ds.pdx.edu/IDSC and click Connect.
c) Log in using your odin username and password and make sure that PSU is in
the Workgroup/Domain box.
d) A little grey icon of a globe with IDSC under it should appear on the
desktop and you can find the Shuttle folder within it! Much easier! 
e) Don't forget to save your work to the IDSC dick mounted on the desktop.
Don't worry, however, about dragging the icon to the trash, like you did
withyour H drive, when your session is done. Just log out under the Apple
Menu when you're ready to go. 

Again, if you have questions, please feel free to contact me! | | Molly
Stack| | 503.544.1556 | | Portland,OR 

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