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Confirm that you can use designs developed in freehand in the rest of 
the program!

            Robert F. Bremmer
               Dept. Director 
      Multimedia & Web Design
             Clickable Media!
The Art Institute of Portland

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>Hey! This is for Johnny and Julie, but anyone can look at them.
>Guys and gals, I think we need to start by making the working interface 

>and look better. Jon maybe you can put your page moving script to the 
>purple pages that I made in Freehand, that would be a good start plus
>anything else you can think of to make it work better.
>I think we the tech team or script writers need to have a weekly group 
>thingy. A set time and place to sit and work together in the same room. 

>has a laptop and so do I and we could bring what we have and talk about 

>we need to get done. That way we can then get more out of the meetings 
>been having with creative to do all the great things they want to do. 
>you think? Ay or nay?
><< freehandinterface.ZIP >>


Well this sounds good to me.  We can talk more about this on wednesday 
set up at least two days to meet in school.



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