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This is good, Julie. We'll see wher it goes. Notify the Doctor (client) 
of any developments.

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 I just wanted to give you (especially Rob) some feedback about a group 
called -EC-Group (stands for Esphogeal Cancer group) I have been working 
with "AL" (his e-mail is ALLeven98@xxxxxxx)  Al will probably be 
contacting our instructor and could even provide the names and contact 
information for patients willing to assist us with this project.  (Or 
assist them in contacting us) Al is part of Cathy EC (Esphogeal Cancer) 

I have also been in contact with American Society and have handouts for 

Last but not least I have been talking with a cancer patient and we 
created a list of FAQ that she discussed with her doctor.  This patient 
is facing surgery (voice box is being removed) on Tuesday January 7th. 
She is not willing to be interviewed - 

Enough for now- 

BTW:  Would it be OK (and can you) .. please send the latest scope 
diagram (story board) to AL and the latest screen capture - he wants to 
understand clearer what content we need?  Creative team/technical team 
can you forward it to him at ALLeven98@xxxxxxx?  Please reference "Julie 
Aldridge/PSU Capstone" so they will understand what it is regarding... 





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