[mmfa_02cap] Re: HUGE Break thru.....Patient interview

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I had surgery in Seattle last week and am now back in town.  I hope the
interview went well.  Are there any meetings taking place before Wednesday
night?  If so please let me know so I can attend.  
Zac Dissing

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I will e-mail it to you first thing tomorrow morning.  The file is stored on
my pc at work. 


 Julie Aldridge <julie_aldridge@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 


I just got off the phone with one of the founders of the "EC Cafe website".
He is in the Seattle area for a few weeks.  He is an esphogeal cancer
survivor and is happy to assist with our project in anyway possible.  His
name is "AL".  He will be calling Dr. Jobe this week and Rob to discuss the

He is willing to come to our class either Monday the 27th or Wednesday the
29th. (It depends on his business in Seattle).  Can we please film him and
use audio - he was amazing to talk to and is extremely knowledgeable. He has
interviewed over 1000 patients of EC and 100's of Doctors.  He wants to be a
resource for us.... 

Can we please please please e-mail him the most current story board.. he
wants to be prepared to talk about each area and give us his input.... 

Please e-mail the story board (I only have a hard copy and he can only
access e-mail and not fax...  Please send e-mail the story board to "
ALLeven@xxxxxxx <mailto:ALLeven@xxxxxxx>  


Julie Aldridge



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