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Okay, I'll get after him. 

Now, about the edgy email humore...save it for teh alst week next term; 
we have a long way to go!

Rob Bremmer

Tech & Creative; let me know what you are trying now, and what you hope 
to accomplish by this coming Wednesday.


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With all this sex talk I almost forgot my mission..

Hey all, I have had no luck getting in touch with the
doc. In fact, I cant even get someone to pick up the
phone when I call the number given to us by Rob. So
Rob, if you could please herass...er... I mean...
harass the doc at home, that would be most
appreciated. Or, you could just give me his home
address and I can come dangerously close to violating
Oregon's anti-stalking laws all in the name of this
just a thought..


--- Molly Stack <mmstack@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> WOAH.... 
> there are children present and if my mommy discovers
> you corrupted my mind
> (something which should never happen in college)
> she's gonna be real mad. 
> Stop it, all of you.
> :-) | | Molly Stack | | 503.544.1556 | | Portland,OR
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> Stop talking about sex!
> SEX!SEX!!!! Is that all you can think about.
> Stripping ! Striping ! It's all
> sex to me. Chris. PS BOO! 
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