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  • Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 12:32:17 -0800


Hi Rob, 

I just spoke to Mike down here in the lab... we were just made aware that
there's a regular user complaining about undergraduates being down here. I
know who it was, it's someone with whom I have no problem communicating
with,and when the tech team was down here yesterday, I was with them, so I'm
not sure what her beef was. 

Anyway, that's all incedental but it has brought to light that we don't have
a list of people enrolled in the class. In years passed, we needed names so
we could enter them into the system and allow them access. We don't have
access control anymore so it's not an issue but Mike does want a list so
thatwe know how many we're serving in the lab. 

As for a reminder for everyone else (and I myself am as much a culprit),
regular users of this lab can be a bit techy. I know we might have been a
little louder last night than we should have been and I accept
responsibilityfor not making us all hush up. Just know that this is a clear
example of how people who are down here all the time think it's their home
workspace and that anyone else makes a peep, they're going to the

Don't worry Comrades!

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