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Check at PSU supply/bookstore...

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the person I was going to get to go to Frys for me
cant now. I have no idea where to get them besides
Frys and Ive called around to OfficeMax, OfficeDepot
and Staples. Anyone know if Freddys carries them or
not? I can decase the DVDs I have at home if all else
fails (I dont keep the DVDs in them anyway. Ill bring
all that I can to class tonite by 5...


--- Molly Stack <mmstack@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ok... just so 10 people don't go out and bring us 10
> cases each...
> Suzy and I understand that Amy will be bringing more
> cases. Everything that 
> can be assembled is pretty much assembled. We have
> plenty of labels left 
> over for the PC only discs if they are needed or
> wanted by any of us.
> So Amy, Thank you very much for bringing more cases.
> If you can't get them 
> for any reason, will you put the word out that we
> need someone else to get 
> them?
> See you all tonight!
> Molly & Suzy
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