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Hello everyone! Creative group, I apologize for not being able to meet. Right after finals I was sent home (Guam) for a family emergency. In addition, there was a supertyphoon that hit the island so there was no power throught the island. Therefore, I was not able to get any work done. I just got back to Portland a few hours ago. Hopefully, I'll be able to gather something before I show up to class tomorrow. Once again, my apologies.


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>I know we are all still trying to digest our holiday
>meals, but school starts in a week and we still have
>not met as a group. The creative group needs to meet
>soon, and my schedual allows me to meet either on
>tuesday or thursday, or both days. It would be nice to
>have the technical group and creative group meet
>together... so what day(s) and times work best for
>everyone else?
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