[mmfa_02cap] Can anyone help?

  • From: OregonActor@xxxxxxx
  • To: mmfa_02cap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:48:11 EST

Can anyone help me out here. I have downloaded some Extensions from 
Macromedia for Flash and I can't seem to access them. I have them in my in my 
computer and they have a file extension of .mxp (macromedia extensions 
packages). I have tried to use them with the other extension of .mxi 
(macromedia extensions info files), but they don't show up where they are 
suppose to be. I have look everywhere to find them. When I open the mxp in 
Flash it tells me that it can't read the file. Do I need to open them in a 
different program or find a different way to save them?

If you know how to help me, please let me know.


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